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Posted on March 22, 2017 at 9:20 PM

ONTARIO PROPERTY LAWS ARE MADE 4 CRIMINALS!  TRUE!!  Anyone can severe joint tenancy in secret illegally in Ontario.  Anyone can put their name onto your home, and any property you own,without your knowledge in secret!  I have fought 16 years & yet not even the Globe & Mail has shown any concern.  I wonder how many readers of the Globe & Mail are on welfare in subsidized housing?  Very few I am sure.  Yet, 99% of their readers are probably registered owners of real property, so you'd think they would care to be informed on the insanity in Ontario real property laws.  Apparently not.  Consequently; I am being forced to launch my own personal lawsuit (soon I hope) against the Provincial Government to get secret filing on real property banned, such as it is in Manitoba, Alberta & New South Wales.  I just don't understand why I have to fight this all by myself without any public or media support?  It has cost me (75 handicapped Parkinsonism Disease) & mom (98 died Feb 18, 2017) our home & over $300,000.00 in lost property as well as over $60,000.00 of my personal savings.

Frankly, I have very little left, but damned if I will give up.  No not to my last breath - I will fight for the rights to protect every property owner in Canada coast to coast in a single handed war for justice for all - rich or poor - no matter what the cost!

If you steal someone's TV the police will charge the culprit with theft.

Theft is theft and someone putting their name onto a person's property in secret is PROPERTY THEFT!  YET, POLICE REFUSE TO CHARGE THEM BECAUSE IN ONTARIO & CANADA, IT IS NOT A CRIMINAL OFFENCE.  Our media remains silent on too many abuses. I created this website so that people can put their stories in the comments column of either property theft, or medical abuse by CCAC (social workers) at hospitals who are sadistic, causing the most vulnerable, sick, terminal, handicapped & seniors to suffer needlessly.  

www.seniors-rights4all.com Rights4all of any age but seniors are by far the most being targeted in property theft.

Or email me direct your stories and I will publish on my site, providing they are not anonymous, giving full details, dates, names etc.  

email:  ookkrraa70@gmail.com

If we get enough people going public perhaps someday the government will give us the laws and protection we deserve. I researched Ontario law back to 1864 to current day 2017 and there is not one word, not one sentence, not one paragraph of protection for registered owners of real property.  However, there are page after page of protection for the criminal should by some miracle the "Ontario Director" ever discover the theft & our "Director"  has 6 years from the time the "Director" get this miraculous knowledge to correct it.  Gee guess the Director must be psychic since there is no requirement to notify any registered owner of any change or additional name being added to real property.  6 years folks.  Guess what?  By that time the property is lost and you will never get it back.  Mom was 96 when she discovered she had lost her home and income properties.  Is that the kind of justice Canadians can expect? Yes, unless you move to Saskatchewan!

Trudi Trahan-upchan; Founder:  www.okra-diet4all.com

 www.okra-diet-detox.com  www.seniors-rights4all.com

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